From the Principal DEsk

"Education, by all means is drawing out the best within the child of his mind, body & Soul"

School is a place where the child gets formal education or rather say formal training which is the process of integral education correlated, stretching primary education to secondary education & higher that entails a systematic & deliberate intention that concretizes itself in an official curriculum applied with the defined curriculum & time table but this is not only the framework to educate the children. The school is the place where the child acquires skills & knowledge of the environment surrounding him. The aim of school education is to equip the child with all the skills that he is going to use after 20 years. That would be almost the mid of 21st century period. The speed of the changes in the world is very fast, will be more rapid into the world where the child is going to meet the challenges. The world is getting more advanced in technology that enables the human being to access entire globe and beyond that at his own study table. Shrikanwartara Public Higher Secondary School, Mandleshwar aims to have teacher to digitally empowered diverse learners, to connect, communicate and collaborate by creating a rich environment indulging technology in the classroom to help students to evolve.

To make the learning a joyful activity for the students the school academic planning is done in a way that the students get maximum opportunity to  be the part of learning activity in which they explore the knowledge themselves.

The school takes care of the 21st century education that involves technology to help make the world smaller place to make the interaction go beyond the classroom & classmates to virtual trip and multi region & multi nation activities to commence project environment.

The school education is tripolar system where the students, teachers & parents bear each pole. The school takes care to empower the parents to understand the need to help the child & his role in his development.

I wish all three poles must play their roles and the students march on the path of success to meet their intellectual, social & moral excellence.

Yogesh Joshi