About School

At Shrikanwartara school; with a strong belief that education is beyond books, we instill a high pattern of discipline and accentuate on core values which are necessary for true success in today’s dynamic, unpredictable and materialistic world. Having been in existence since 1998, Shrikanwartara benefits from long years of success, and we believe Shrikanwartara has a very bright future. We anticipate with aplomb that we will be able to see “things ahead of time” and provide those facilities and services to our students as we move ahead in time and advance this school towards achieving newer heights.

Shrikanwartara Educational Campus brings a world of opportunities to inspire your child and facilitate his every little dream to find its fulfillment. A golden chance for your kids to prepare for their dream & bring out their best performance. Enroll you kid & come with us to celebrate the power of your ward’s mind and see him achieve what he dreams of.

- Shrikanwartara Chhajed Charitable Trust

Shrikanwartara Chhajed Charitable Trust, Barwah is a non profitable organization committed to uplifting educational standards and empowering society through knowledge, innovation, self-reliance and compassion. The Trust is organized by the four brothers of known Chhajed family of Barwah.

Mr. Pramod Chhajed certainly has shouldered the responsibility to foster a culture of lifelong learning . He aims to instill in the beneficiaries the values in remote and underserved areas, to making a difference in the world.

The Trust also believes that education is a powerful tool for societal transformation. It is dedicated to nurturing the potential of every individual, empowering them to contribute positively to the world.

“Let’s make education a beacon of hope for all”