Personality Development

- Language Laboratory

Shrikanwartara Public Higher Secondary School, Mandleshwar also possesses language laboratory which helps the students speak the language of communication with correct pronunciation, accent and voice modulation.

Infact the language laboratory is an audio or audio-visual installation used as an aid in modern language teaching. Current installations are generally multimedia computers.

Digital language lab principle Teacher-controlled system connected to a number of student booths, containing a student’s control mechanism and a headset with a microphone.

Features of Language Lab
- Language Lab makes the students to have interactive session.
- Language Lab helps students improve their Spoken English.
- Language Lab motivates students to talk freely and lose the shyness when talking in front of their friends and public.
- Attention on subject is increased by the use of videos and pictures, resulting in better retention of the concepts.
- Furthermore, it develops the listening and communication skills, since they hear correct pronunciation through headphones.
- Learner shows more enthusiasm and excitement in learing lesson because of learning lab system.
- The language lab brings variety in teaching learning process instead of verbal centered teaching.
- The students class 3rd onward, experiment in the laboratory on their voice to make it perfect as per the standard of the language.

- smart class

The school is equipped with 12 Smart classes that transform the traditional teaching environment into dynamic and interactive learning environment that instills curiosity and nurtures critical thinking and creativity among students. It is a powerful tool that empowers educators to deliver more engaging and impactful lessons, preparing students for the digital age and the challenges of the future.

- computer Lab

The school has a big computer lab that provides students with access to technology and computer based learning resources preparing them for modern world and various future career paths. The curriculum equips the required tech skills to make them future ready.