Shrikanwartara Public Higher Sec School

A Modern Gurukul of IIT NEET and JEE.


At Shrikanwartara school; with a strong belief that education is beyond books, we instill a high pattern of discipline and accentuate on core values which are necessary for true success in today’s dynamic, unpredictable and materialistic world. Having been in existence since 1998, Shrikanwartara benefits from long years of success, and we believe Shrikanwartara has a very bright future

Our Mission

Shrikanwartara school is steadfast to promote the balanced development of mind, body and character to develop 21st century skills, ethics and the competencies essential for success on the globe. Our aim is to provide a safe learning environment so that the students would rely upon their personal attributes to lead a productive life and to become a contributing member of the family, community, nation and the globe.

Our Vision

Shrikanwartara Public Higher Secondary School is determined to shape the students with the rigorous academics, core values and to produce responsible citizens who work collaboratively with multi-cultural and global perspective The school wants to carry all the students to their potential in a cooperative climate with innovative learning.

Steering Committee

Mr. Pramod Chhajed


MRS. Jyoti chhajed


MR. pranjal chhajed


MR. Yogesh Joshi


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