Today, education has become competitive, more complex and diverse where all children are expected to learn, and, where high learning standards set the vision of educational success for all students. In order to meet the expectations of rapidly changing world and with the introduction of digital media, there is an imperative need of reengineering and reforming our academic and non-academic infrastructure in Schools.

Shrikanwartara School is persistent to impart quality education which is academically demanding and essential to bring the best out of our students. In order to achieve that, we provide an educational environment based on real time scenarios (experiential and skill based) as well as recent happenings which helps in bringing out positive behavioural changes in young minds and empowering them to face present and future challenges with aplomb.

To create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through ingenious and student centered approaches so as to develop and initiate a though process from the very start of a child’s education. The School promotes safe & conducive environment and instils a high pattern of discipline to transform children into a visionary, morally strong and responsible citizens.