“Self-education is the only kind of education there is.”

Education at Secondary and Senior Secondary level is incredibly crucial as the performance of the child at this level is decisive and life changing.

We have a big, wide world that’s changing faster than ever. How can we possibly give our students all the knowledge they would need by the time they are over with their schooling?  What we can do is, provide them with the appropriate tools to think better when they face with new and possibly challenging situations.

Today knowledge is something which is easily accessed and quickly outdated. Today, how you learn and the process of learning that concept is more important than what you learn.

Higher Secondary Section

Teaching Techniques

Teaching techniques for Secondary and Senior Secondary students need to be more comprehensive and assignments pertaining to various concepts which demand more involvement and independent thinking. Their growing maturity is acknowledged through increased responsibilities in a supportive environment.

Teachers should adopt Reinforced EDI (Exploring Differentiated Instructions) to cater heterogenic class.

We should expect students to be engaged in meaningful and learning concepts, if the environment is supportive, encouraging and focussed on learning.

SKS creates learning experiences to secondary and senior secondary students, that are interesting, realistic and relevant to the real world which gives these students various opportunities to work collaboratively on open ended tasks and projects.

Realizing the fact that learning is a direct and personal experience, we at SKS encourage senior students to be responsible for their own behaviour and accountable for their learning.

Most important tools & techniques for teaching and learning used are

  1. Focussed group discussions.
  2. Activities pertaining to experiential learning.
  3. Multi disciplinary projects.
  4. Symposiums and panel discussions.
  5. Case studies.
  6. Investigatory projects etc.

SKS Competitive Cell

SKS introduced a competitive cell to create conducive atmosphere in dealing with horrendous competition to reserve their seats in the most prestigious institutions of India for further studies.

This cell deals with:

  • Recruitment of competitive faculty for preparing students for various competitive exams.
  • Creating competitive spirit among students by creating stress free and joyful learning atmosphere.
  • Expanded curriculum development as per the requirement.
  • Preparing micro syllabus break up and lesson planning.
  • Facilitating students with adequate no. of worksheets and objective practice sheets for rigorous practice.