"True Guidance Changes Lives"

Child’s Education in School is A Family Affair

Child’s education in school is no less than a family affair and which is exactly why it is a JOINT effort of Parent and Teacher. A strong communication amongst parent and teacher builds the basis of caring and fostering of children. It is exceptionally important that both parent and teacher understand, that the goals for the chid are indeed mere thoughts at such young age and it is in their hands to ensure that the children are on the right track towards achieving that goal in the best possible manner.

Considering the gradual and natural changes that are common in children with age, we should provide age appropriate guidance to satisfy their curiosity and needs.

Often it is seen that PTM’s (parent teacher meetings) doesn’t solve the entire problem and the purpose of such meet, reason being the missing third and most important entity of this triangle i.e. the Student.

SKS Initiative

SKS initiated with the concept of PSTM, where all the three stake holders are involved in quality communication to establish trust as issues pertaining to children are discussed with great transparency and privacy between the three entities.

Every Child is Unique

Every child is unique and possesses their independent skills and differences in the degree of intelligence’s (Harvard Garner’s multiple intelligence theory). It is thereby injustice on the part of a parent or a teacher to compare one child with another and judge their understanding and their true potential.

In order to understand child’s aptitude, interest and variations in the degrees of intelligence’s parents should spend quality time with their children and strongly monitor their daily routine. Parents should share the same with the teachers so that a special care can be taken to enhance the areas of improvement for their respective children.