Mr. Srinivas Rao (Academics Director)

Mr. Srinivas Rao

Academics Director

Quality education with a pursuit of knowledge, skills and values is the only way to survival, national development and a better world order. It is indeed a splendid gift to live in times of great change. Owing to information invasion and globalization of education, learner’s profile and mental models are changing significantly.

There is an enormous gap between the way a student is to learn and the way teacher teaches. Children wish to learn proactively and develop skills rather than theories in more pragmatic manner.

It is worth mentioning that the nature of today’s corporal world (Job world/business world) is changing incredibly and swiftly due to the entry of new opportunities and advancements in technology. In order to meet the present and future challenges, we need to reorganize the academic and non-academic Infrastructure in schools considering it as a research organization and classrooms as a research laboratory.

I wish to categorically state that there is an imperative need to redesign the curriculum which is skill based, realistic, real world relevant and life changing. We also need to transform a “teacher into an Educationist” (Shikshak to Aacharya), who can inspire and incite curiosity into the minds of children for further learning without the lure of marks and grades.

Realizing the importance of independent thinking skills, differences in the level of understandings and interests, children must be given ample opportunities in the class room allowing them to learn at their own pace and technique, so that knowledge is developed and constructed together rather than simply poured.

Children must be self-motivated to learn and develop a desire to learn by creating an atmosphere of freedom that encourage them to become self-driven and flourish as a proactive learner.

We shall empower the students, staff and the community to maximize their personal, social, creative and academic potential in order to become lifelong learners, visionaries and morally responsible citizens.