“Highly creative achievers don’t begin with brilliant ideas, they discover”

Montessori section of SKS includes the children belonging to age groups ranging from 2½ to 6 years on the basis of which they are segregated further into three different sections: Nursery, Jr. Montessori and Sr. Montessori.

We fondle these children with utmost care as these classes are the first step of their formal education. At age two to three, a special sense of order, concentration, coordination and independence begins to emerge. At the age 3-6 conscious absorbent mind begins to function. This time is ideal to begin a child’s training as she/he is at the perfect period to build a strong foundation towards future learning.

Our Montessori section team, builds close partnership with parents, in particular with regards to receiving information on individual routines, nap times, meal times, comfort levels and other favourite activities of the child and try to provide them a proximate environment within the school campus.

SKS Montessori Classroom

Montessory Section

SKS Montessori classroom is a small world created to generate curiosity in those little Einstein’s. To a child of these age groups, the world is unmanageable; it is too big, too complex and too confusing. With careful selection of course materials by our trained teachers, an environment is being created to allow the children to explore life on a level that they can understand.

We believe that children should enjoy learning in the best possible way. SKS provides adequate materials and exercises to stimulate independent exploration. The environment which is created entices the children to proceed at their own pace from simple activities to more complex ones. Through this process the children develop more curiosity, excitement and then gains satisfaction by discovering the world around them.
SKS Montessori curriculum offers activities pertaining to EPL (Exercises of Practical Life), Sensorial, Language, Math, Geography, Science, Art, Music, Drama and Dance.

As senses are believed to be gateway of Intelligence, our Montessori teachers provide maximum opportunities to our children to use appropriate material and they focus more on developing children’s creative thinking abilities to let them imagine about different aspects and ultimately lead on to discover new things on their own.

SKS Montessori section focuses on 4 prime areas of learning and development.

  1. Literacy (Languages)
  2. Mathematics.
  3. Understanding the environment/world
  4. Expressive arts and design

Some Unique Features of SKS Montessori Section

  1. A friendly environment for enjoying learning by adopting “we follow the child” approach.
  2. Learning through multi–sensory approach by tapping all the 5 senses in children through Montessori material. SKS Primary wing is provided with a multi-sensory laboratory where children are given exposure to EPL (exercises of practical life) and sensorial activities.
  3. Phonics initiative that introduces children to early reading through sounds. Children are taught not just alphabet sounds, but the 42 main sounds of English. They soon learn to blend thee sounds to form words and then move on, quite easily, to reading.
  4. We introduce concepts like wet, dry, sink, float etc. through water play.
  5. More emphasis is given on developing children’s creative thinking abilities to let their minds run imaginatively and to discover things on their own.
  6. We help children develop important character traits like self-discipline, concentration, independence, freedom, industry and a sense of reality.
  7. We also inculcate values like empathy, co-operation, team spirit etc. with the help of outdoor group activities.
  8. Children are encouraged to work both independently and in a group at their own pace and interest.
  9. Participation of the students is encouraged through activities such as colouring & drawing, group games, clay modelling, puzzles, flash cards and conversations.
  10. Poems and stories are dramatized using expressive actions.
  11. Focus is on developing conversational skills and on reinforcing an innate sense of discovery in everything that is taught.
  12. Children learn to comprehend through a multi sensory approach as concepts in Number Work, English and E.V.S. are made clear with the use of audio visual smart/digital boards in association with Pearson Educ. Pvt.Ltd.
  13. Children are encouraged to participate in role play, story narration using stick, finger and glove puppets.
  14. Nature visits and regular educational visits to the Zoo’s, museums, banks, vegetable market, Game Parks etc. to develop a sense of openness towards the world.