Mr. Yogesh Joshi

Dear Parents,

A child is the ‘man’ of the family and bears the responsibility of their future survival. Education is the key to open the secrets of the world. The school is the place where all the policies and policy makers for the need of the world after twenty years are nurtured.

Education is futile if it provides only theoretical knowledge without providing any practical real life based relevant instances for the mind to think, observe and understand. The vision to develop a school where cult of thinking is bought in as a traditional approach for the young minds to be aware of the problems which they might face in present as well as future, where the curiosity is directed to quench the thirst and not to lose their existence, where confidence is used as a tool to shape the students with a strong mentality to meet the challenges successfully, where the generation is equipped with modern tools and technique to cope up with the future requirement and all these objectives and necessities are now fulfilled with the origin of Shrikanwartara Public Higher Secondary School, Mandleshwar. Ambition and expectation of the three stake holders of an educational institute i.e. parents, students and teachers are changing rapidly with the advancement of technology and world, Shrikanwartara Public Higher Secondary School enlightens the child with the scattered light of knowledge and nurtures the creativity, innovations and latent potential of the child to bring out the best within them. Understanding the need of future world where the child has to strive for his survival, the school has initiated and has started refining practical education that has strong relationship with the real life challenges. Apart from parents, schools are the another medium to provide good moral values to their students to develop them into good human beings, and, we seriously work towards upbringing of a child pertaining to the modern culture keeping their basic moral values intact.

We help children look at the problems from a scientific point of view to bring positivity and creativity in their thought process. This is the resource centre for the body, soul and mind of the student’s altogether. We provide ample opportunity to the students to exhibit their inner talent and cognitive skills. The big broad campus of the school avails students the facility to grow in a healthy environment and to meet the requirement of human body to cope up the stress of upcoming challenges of real life. We believe SKT can be considered “the future ready school”.