“A fun loving learning environment helps the children pave a strong foundation in developing the future leaders of this nation. Education according to the Indian traditions is not merely a means of earning a living nor is it only a nursery of thought or a school for citizenship. It is initiation into the life of spirit, a training of human souls in the pursuit of truth and the practice of virtue. The word education does not mean teaching alone. It is a process leading out potential of a child that involves exploration, understanding, order, relations, abstraction & communication.

We are determined to give a specially prepared, proper, beautiful, secured and clean environment to reveal the child’s latest talent. We provide child with the materials to have their overall development i.e. sense of discipline, control of errors, physical & psychological development and eye hand co-ordination. We have spiritually, technically & intellectually prepared team of teachers and trained them to groom the child’s personality and help them develop as a better human being. We are working dedicatedly towards giving a diversified learning experience to the children by organizing various activities and following different processes:

  • Help the child to be physically, emotionally, socially & mentally healthy.
  • To enable the child to function as a member of different social groups i.e. the family the community and the country.
  • Develop the skills, attitudes & values in child.
  • Create in the child awareness towards his natural environment.
  • Have visual discrimination, observation, classification & analytical reasoning.

The school uses an open-end approach and children are allowed to be creative and express themselves in all aspects of their education. In this setup the medium of instruction is English and the teachers are responsible for all activities. Learning through guidance and experiments is the key and ideal way in the school setup.

We work with a set of objectives in mind towards the overall progress and development of our children by following different techniques such as: foster motivation, concentration and creativity in our children and to provide a frame work of general knowledge and all round education and to encourage a willingness to learn that reaches beyond school.

The learning areas include language development mathematics, environmental learning, art & craft, creative and critical thing skills and life skills education. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation sheets (weekly and subject wise) are given to assess the holistic development the children.

The Co-curricular activities help the students in their all-round development, which continues throughout the session which include the visits to all civic amenities such as vegetable market, bank, police station, post office etc. These activities help in their cognitive and psychomotor development, visual and discrimination skills development, mathematical skills development and critical thinking skills development. The school celebrates all the national and social festivals to inculcate the cultural values among the children.